What is Toaru?

Toaru Majutsu No Index is a Japanese series, mainly in Light Novel form, that depicts a world wherein magic and science (Arbitrarily defined) co-exist.

It follows the adventures of the protagonist, Kamijou Touma, who has the ability to negate the supernatural with his right hand. The ability is named "Imagine Breaker". While such an ability has its limits, it is best understood as an ability which only affects non-natural supernatural phenomena i.e Magic, Esper Abilities, etc.

The series is itself rather silly at times and follows some stereotypical Japanese Light Novel tropes such as but not limited to: Harems (Technically), Power of Friendship, Tsunderes, Depending-on-Perspective cheesy events and dialogue, and more. However, I would not recommend passing it over as the worldbuilding is exceptional and the story does get somewhat darker as it progresses.

We shall now begin the review of this universe!